Classes at hospice

It is intended to ensure that high quality care, tailored to the patient’s individual needs, is given to everyone who is thought to be dying within hours, or the next few days, whether they are in hospitals, aged residential care, hospices or in their own homes. Used correctly, the care plan allows people to die with dignity and in peace rather than in the violent throes of CPR, and surrounded by loved ones rather than machines.

For:      Health care professionals caring for people who are approaching the end of life.

Time:      1 hour

Venue:     The Board Room Hospice South Canterbury,55Broadway Avenue, Timaru


Wednesday    27 March            1.00- 2.00pm

Wednesday     17 July               1.00 - 2.00pm

Wednesday    20 November      1.00 - 2.00pm


Registrations: Must be received TWO weeks prior to date of workshop.



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Hospice South Canterbury Education Information 2018

HOSPICESOUTH CANTERBURYis proud to provide evidence based knowledge and skills for you. We welcome you to join us in these workshops.

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