Hospice Care

bedThe Hospice South Canterbury provides specialist palliative care to patients, their family and whanau in the South Canterbury region.
Quality holistic caring for people facing a life-limiting illness. The Clinical team is comprised of Doctors, Nurses, Counsellors, and is supported by volunteers and food service personnel.

Our services include :

  • Inpatient Services
  • Therapeutic day patient services
  • Community support to aged care facilities
  • Family support services
  • Professional development
  • Liverpool Care Pathway facilitation

Here are some frequently Asked Question that may help you.

Is it true that once you go to a hospice you are unlikely to leave? No. Many patients spend a short time in hospice for pain management and symptom control or respite care before returning home. Admissions may be of varied length and occur more than once.

What does hospice care cost? Hospice care is free of charge to patients and their families. South Canterbury Hospice is partly funded by the government and the remainder needed to ensure service remain free is raised from the community through fund raising activities, bequests and general donations.  This kindness ensures the service remains free to you. General Practitioners may charge for visiting and medications may have a charge and ambulance costs will occur.

 What can I bring?

You may like to bring for your comfort, toiletries, drinks, some food, toilet tissues, personal hygenie products and anything you would like to make your room more personal.

Are hospices scary places? Hospices are warm and caring places, which provide the highest possible standard of care to people at their most vulnerable time. Their emphasis is on improving a person's quality of life and to support their family, whanau and friends.

Who can qualify for hospice care? Hospice care is provided to patients who have a palliative diagnosis where treatment for cure is no longer appropriate. Referral to the Hospice South Canterbury may be initiated through your general practitioner, or South Canterbury District Health Board Pallative care team.