Inpatient Service

Your Hospice South canterbury is set in a quiet location amoungst fabulous gardens, with two family lounges, and many quiet spaces.  Patients are well cared for by a team of specialist health care professionals.  With most of our lovely rooms opening onto a terraced area where paitents can take in the special surroundings.

Patients and family come to us for many reasons which can include symptom management for pain, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, delerium and distress, counselling for emotional concerns and spiritual distress and family and Whanau support.

At our Inpatient unity you will have access to specialised hospice care, counselling, massage therapy, reki and our chaplain.

Your GP may feel that a short stay at hospice may provide you, your family, your carer time to recharge - a short respite stay may be just what is needed to let you and your carers rest.

Hospice also provide specialised end of lif care, providing emotional, physical, cultural and spiritual support to bring a peaceful and dignified end of life care to each patient enchancing quality of life.

Add life to days not days to life.

What should you bring?

comfortable daywear.

nightwear and slippers.

spectacles, hearing aids.


            shower gel                                skin moisturiser

shampoo                                  conditioner

toothpaste                                 toothbrush

lip balm                                     mouthwash

comb or hair brush                                           

razor                                         shaving products

tissues                                      wet wipes

air freshener

incontinence products

 Staying at the inpatient unit

The in-patient unit has 7 single rooms with adjoining ensuites. There are large windows and sliding glass doors opening to the concrete paving and lovely flower gardens.

Each bedroom has a television with DVD / CD provision. The televisions use Freeview® for channels 1 to 7. Channel 8 is set to SKY – you may request which SKY channel you would like to watch, for example, Sport, UKTV, Living channels. Talk to nursing staff.

All patient beds have electrical moving parts. For safety reasons family and friends are requested not to adjust the height of the beds. Nursing staff will be happy to make any adjustments required on request.

The gardens are for you to enjoy. Wheelchairs or beds can be moved onto the sheltered paving areas.

Your room is your own private and personal space while you are at the hospice, and we encourage you to personalise it with photographs and special mementos.

Bed linen is provided, but please bring a favourite blanket, quilt or pillow if it will make your stay more comfortable.

Family members, whanau, friends and carers are welcome to visit during your stay, and we are even able to accommodate visits from pets.

Meals are prepared for patients by our onsite cook, and can be tailored to your specific tastes and dietary requirements.

 Family and Friends

The hospice provides numerous areas for family and visitors. There are two lounges, one at each end of the patient wing. These are for family and patients to sit, mingle and relax. Each lounge has a fridge and microwave where family can keep food and heat meals for their own use. Tea, coffee and milk is provided by hospice.

The west lounge incorporates two sofa settees that can be converted to double beds for out-of-town family to stay overnight. There are pillows, linen and blankets in the drawers below the shelving. Ask nursing staff for help.

There is a small sleeping room for your next-of-kin. This has a single bed that can be used, on a priority basis, for when they wish to stay close to you.

Incorporated in the visitors bathroom are showering facilities for family members who are staying overnight. Ask nursing staff for towels.

There are other areas to sit quietly, to read and to enjoy the views out to the gardens.

Family and visitors are asked to keep these areas clean and tidy, with all food scraps and dishes tidied away. Monetary donations are welcome to recompense our running costs.